Ideation Journal!

Here I capture ideas that intrique and inspire me so I don't forget them and can use them later in my design work.  

​VR in Learning Projects

January 15, 2018

I attended an awesome session on using VR and AVR in Learning programs put on by Melissa Milloway, one of my local elearning heroes.  She showed us how easy it is to use a 360 camera to create cool interactive questions.  

Principles of Design

November 14, 2017

Company History Infographics that inspire me

September 08, 2016

Here are a range of infographics that inspire me in different ways.

Ford Motor Company 

Nokia Management

Kodak History

13 Free Tools for Infographic Design

September 04, 2016

Tools to try out and learn to build infographics.

What Inspired Me this Week?

August 31, 2016

Infographics and more infographics

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