Are You the Marie Antionette of E-Learning?

I was inspired to create this graphic after a pretty intense conversation on LinkedIn regarding the "Serious E-Learning Manifesto". Some thought the word manifesto seemed frightening - like some fascist elearning regime was taking over. We also wondered. "if everyone seems to understand what makes engaging, effective elearning, why is there still so much garbage out there?" When we get down to the gap between even our own theories and what we actually produce, we find that there are many reasons why so much ineffective, boring elearning is still being created. For most it comes down to 3 main problems:

1. Lack of time and resources

2. Inability to convince managers, executive, etc. of the value of something new or different to them like a game or a discussion through social media, etc.

3. It can be intimidating coming up with all those awesome ideas! Some would rather just do the thing they know and get it done. I'll do something better next time.

So, how do we overcome these hurdles?


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