Privacy and Social Media

It can be very complicated to understand the full range of reactions you might get from a particular post or pic on social media. Even huge corporations with teams of people often make social media disasters happen:

In fact, you just can’t possibly know what you’re creating when you put something out there. With all of your good intentions, once it reaches public space it can be misinterpreted, retweeted, or used in ways you never intended.

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I have been creating blog posts and building and sharing on an online community for a graduate class I am taking called Social Media & Digital Cultures. I must admit to having had many feelings of terrible anxiety as well as pride and liberation, sometimes all at once as I pushed that post, publish or share button. I have wanted to promote my posts and tweet and blog to experiment and see if I could generate interest, but on the other hand, I faced apprehension many times that I might be inviting ridicule or other unwanted attention for my content.

Social Media can be a dangerous place. Here's a presentation by Danah Boyd regarding the future of privacy in social media:

What do you think about privacy in social media? What are your fears about social media if any and how do you alleviate them?

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