Announcing Learning Technology Thought Leader Interview Series!

I'm so excited to announce that I have just kicked off the first in a series of interviews of Learning Technology Thought Leaders. I thought this would be a fun and interesting project as well as a great way to produce some unique content for Learning Technology Community Mind Meld (a Google + community). So far, about the fun and interesting part, this project has not been disappointing! My first victim was Myra Travin, who is an Educational Futurist with UNIVentures. I met Myra at the Puget Sound chapter of ATD many months ago and thought she had such interesting things to say about Learning Technology, that when I considered who I might want to interview for this project, I immediately thought of Myra.

I decided to request interviews conducted through Google Hangouts as it would be easy and also ask for less time or personal commitment from my subjects. I contacted Myra through LinkedIn and explained my project. She said she would be happy to be interviewed, and we set up a time to first talk on the phone to discuss what areas she might like to speak about.

Our phone conversation turned out to be more than just info for the interview. We talked over general and specific challenges in our industry, and she was truly helpful and inspiring! I really enjoyed our conversations and by the time I was finished with our interview, I felt that I had not only created a pretty awesome little project, but I believe I have also made a lasting Learning Tech friend and mentor :)

After recording the interview through Google Hangouts, I pulled the video into Camtasia where I was able to add a few links, contact info for Myra, some additional text and cap off the beginning and end with a little music and fun.

I am excited to do my next interview. I have another victim lined up to speak with this week and I'm so looking forward to this next adventure!

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