The Power of the Podcast

Have YOU thought about podcasts lately? Podcasts are Awesome in 2015!

Okay, so I have to admit, I didn’t even know until recently that podcasting had gotten popular again! Did you?

Podcasting has gotten a fresh new facelift due to new mobile apps that make them more flexible and easy to organize and access than ever before. Also, it’s easy to use cheap to free software to create some pretty nice podcasts.

I created this 10 minute podcast (with the help of my awesome co-workers) for a graduate class on media and mobile learning I completed last month:

The whole module on podcasting really got me really excited. I do a lot of walking and jogging - and cooking, cleaning, and driving for that matter! I realized I could really get a lot of learning done while I was doing other things by leveraging podcasts.

One app that I really like lately is Podcast Addict – it’s fairly straightforward, nothing very fancy, but has some really handy features like allowing me to search and find podcasts from all over the web and either stream them or download them if I am somewhere without good access to wifi (this works great when I’m trail walking, etc.). This app is only for Android, but I believe iTunes may do the same thing (or there are certainly other apps – just search in your phone store for something that has the features you want).

In addition to my personal multi-tasking, podcasting is a great tool to get new information out quickly to your coworkers or people you need to train, etc. You could send a link to a podcast housed on in a text or email and get your audio out to your group quickly and easily. You could also upload your audio file onto your SharePoint site for that matter.

I created the podcast I shared above using TechSmith's Camtasia, which is about a $300 software program, but you could use a free program called Audacity to create something very similar.

Another great use for my podcasting app I just discovered this week is to use it in conjunction with a website called which is a free text-to-speech converter site. All you do is create a free account and you can paste text in, choose a voice you want, and it will convert your text to an audio file for you. I was able to copy the file into my Dropbox account and then open that with my smartphone. My Podcast Addict app will recognize these files so I can download them into the app and voila! I can listen to my readings for school while I’m doing other things! Magical!

So, if you haven't done so lately, take another look at Podcasts. They just might change your life!

Here are links to some of the resources I talked about:

Here’s a few more articles on podcasting if you’re interested:

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