Hello, I'm Darlesa ... and I'm a Graphic Designer

This week in my graduate learning tech class we had a module studying the CARP principles of design and their importance in designing synchronous learning events. I have come across these principles many times in blog posts, at conferences, in books and other articles about instructional design, but I think I've never really paid that much attention to them. They are:

I have been doing graphic design for over 10 years. First creating marketing proposals and materials for a food management company, and more recently as an e-learning developer.

Even though I design graphics all the time in my work, I have always struggled with feeling kind of inadequate with design because I still draw pretty much like I did in kindergarten. I’ve always felt like I’m no artist, I can’t draw, so I can’t claim to be graphic designer. I think when I start a visual design project I often just start putting information on a page. It’s usually not that great, but by some sort of magic after tweaking it here and there, I usually come up with something that looks pretty good.

As an e-learning designer and actually simply as a presenter or anyone who ever puts together any kind of print or digital communication that you want to make sense and not visually accost the viewer, following the CARP principles can really help simplify the creation of good design.

In researching this topic I came across this article by John O’Nolan on the difference between art and design.


This presentation on Slideshare provides some great examples of using and not using the CARP principles properly:


This module has been an eye-opening experience for me - maybe even a therapeutic one! I’ve learned that graphic design is a skill (not necessarily a talent) that can be learned and improved. It will also make my job easier to begin checking all of my visual design projects against these principles from now on.

Just last week I was just telling someone, “I’m not really a graphic designer.”

This is something I will not say again.

Hello, I’m Darlesa, and I am a graphic designer.

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